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>> those have been something i have known i would do for my child. i've thought about it before she even had cancer. i knew i would do that if my child ever had cancer. >> reporter: makayla is one of 2200 cancer patients authorized by the state of oregon to use mel marijuana. medical cannabis became legal in oregon between years ago. makayla's condition qualifies her to have a cannabis card under the state's program. even though she is seven,she has a state-issued cannabis card. but her use is not monitored by her doctor. that's what scares dr. caroline hastings who oversees the hematology/oncology department at children's hospital oakland. >> i don't think it's correct to use cannabis in this way. the most effective way to use any kind of medication like this is in concert with a medical team to make sure that there is no interference with any of the other medications used to treat the underlying disease, and to
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make sure it's safe. >> reporter: dr. hastings says about 60 children are diagnosed with leukemia each year at children hospital oakland. she says she has treated some of her young patients with different forms of cannabis, but the treatments are always supervised. makayla's biological father is not happy with using medical marijuana for his daughter's treatment. we'll hear a little more about that, coming up at 6:00. reporting live in oakland, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> cheryl, thank you. back from thanksgiving break in full force. teachers in san jose's evergreen district are protesting, trying to pressure the district to return to the bargaining table. but the district says no deal. nbc bay area's kris sanchez joins us from san jose this evening. kris, why not return to the bargaining table? what is the problem here? >> reporter: hi there, raj. hopefully you can hear me over the chanting. this is a very serious group about getting their message out. we estimate as many as 400 teachers and supporters turned
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out today to make their point to the district that they need to return to the bargaining table. they are trying to get their community also to put the pressure on the district. the teachers march carrying signs, getting honks and hollers of support along the way. after the last contract negotiating session in october, the district asked the public employer relations board to declare an impasse, setting the ball in motion for a mediator to help decide the next contract with the district. the district said it cannot afford a 1% pay raise for teachers, and can no longer afford to pick up 100% of the benefits for teachers and their dependents. the teachers say the district has about $20 million in reserve, and that the district claims an impasse after just six sessions, not nearly long enough to meet in the middle. >> the proposal was couched or was explained as a package deal that could not be discussed in its component parts, which essentially means it's a take it or leave it, or almost take it
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or else proposition. it was nonnegotiable. >> and we have 100% paid health care benefits for our employees and their families, which is just becoming really unsustainable. and we're finding ourselves in a very difficult position of needing to balance the needs of the employees with the needs of the students. >> reporter: now the superintendent says that the district has a $19 million reserve, about 3% of which by law they can't touch. other t other $16 million is money that will be spent on operating costs this year and next. the school board will take up the discussion in closed session december 8th. discussions with the mediator may not happen until january. but already this is having an impact on students, because some of the teachers that do the extras are declining those duties just to make the point to the district that they need to negotiate in earnest. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news.
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>> thank you. an active and vocal scene with the teachers in san jose. do the los angeles dodgers yo' the city of san francisco money? the city says yes. san francisco wants the dodgers to pay up $1.2 million is at stake. the city wants to recoup the unpaid cost of caring for giants fan bryan stow at san francisco general. he spent four months for a traumatic brain injury after he was brutally beaten outside of a dodgers game in march of last year. city lawyers have asked the bankruptcy judge to add san francisco with a claims against the baseball team. the team filed for chapter 11 after its owner ran into problems during a bitter divorce from his wife. stow and his family are suing the team also for as much as $50 million. in just about an hour, san jose neighbors will start giving their two cents on who the next police chief should be. the city is holding a series of meetings to gather information and create a profile of what the best candidate for chief would be. nbc bay area's damian trujillo
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has insight on some of the names being bounced around. >> reporter: the resignation of police chief chris moore caught many people by surprise, but low morale, increased crime, and disagreement with city hall influenced moore's decision. now those who have sat on the chief's community advisory board hope the new chief has the same open door policy as moore. >> what we're looking for is a leader that could invest some time into san jose, invest in the community here in san jose, and finish what i believe chief moore had started, which is a building process to bring community policing here to san jose. >> reporter: he has been a police critic, but was liking the direction moore was taking the department. now nbc bay area has hearned the names of two potential candidates to replace moore. one is a chief from fresno, jerry dyer. dyer retired last year, but was lured back to lead the force by fresno city leaders. another is sacramento chief rick
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braziel. braziel is set to retire at the end of december. whoever gets the nod will have to deal with the same low morale and political rift in san jose. he hopes the new chief keeps the community advisory board. >> we got to see who the candidates are and see what they have to offer. certainly, whoever it, whether they're inside or outside has to be mindful not only of the political issues that san jose is currently facing and economic issues, but also the history of san jose and what has been happening that led it to this point. >> reporter: the last four chiefs in san jose have all been homegrown, some observers say it might be time to look outside. we're in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. a sad story over the holiday weekend has come to a bitter end today. the coast guard has called off its search for a teenager presumed drowned while trying to rescue the family dog. this was in humboldt county. four members of the family from
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eureka were walking their dog on the beach at big lagoon on saturday when their dog plunged into the high surf and was swept toward the ocean. 16-year-old gregory went after the dog, and his father followed. gregory made it back to the beach. but when his father did not return, gregory and his mother went back into the water while gregory's sisterer called 911. the bodies of the parents washed ashore, but gregory is still missing. the dog swam ashore on his own. investigators in san francisco are trying to find the source of a carbon monoxide leak that forced 14 family members to go to the hospital. the detector went off last night around 7:00 in their home in bernal heights. one person did test high for levels of carbon dioxide. fire officials say the detector likely saved all of their lives. you may remember as of last year, state law requires any home with an attached garage to have carbon monoxide detectors. but multiunit buildings have until january 1st to comply. well, this thanksgiving holiday was one of the deadliest in memory on california highways.
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six bay area deaths added to the statistic. the highway patrol reports crashes killed 31 people from wednesday through sunday. that's up 48% from last year. among the casualties, two san bruno sisters who were not wearing seat belts when their father hit a parked patrol car. the chp says 21 of the 31 people who lost their lives weren't wearing seat belts. in placerville, officials aren't sure if it was a deer or drowsiness that led to a head-on collision. three members of an oakland family in a prius and a 4-year-old girl died in that van. officials warn drowsiness can be as deadly as drinking when it comes to driving on the road. with the fiscal cliff looming, the white house today continued its hard line, insisting that tax rates have to rise for the rich, and warn that any more delays would ruin consumer confidence. there are signs of movement on capitol hill, but democrats are not willing to cut social security and medicare. and while some republicans agree the rich should pay more, they
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want to raise money by reducing deductions, not through higher tax rates. >> i don't care if you raised taxes 100% on the wealthy, you're not going to fix the deficit problem. >> the president has made clear that he will not sign a bill that extends the bush era tax cuts for those make mortgage than $250,000. >> billionaire warren buffett, an obama ally today wrote an editorial in "the new york times," calling for a higher minimum tax for the wealthy. a shake-up in the middle east in politics today as an israeli moderate resigns. israeli defense minister ehud barack abruptly quit politics today, saying he'll only finish out his term. the obama administration had embraced him as a moderate influence on benjamin netanyahu's hard-line policies. meanwhile, a leader of hamas is warning that a fragile ceasefire in gaza could flare back into violence if negotiators don't come to agreement quickly. negotiations have to proceed through egyptian messagers
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because israel and the united states consider hamas a terrorist organization. still ahead here at 5:00, it's a distinction that universities don't want. the bay area school, though, near the top of this dubious list. and a blockbuster acquisition that never was. google tied to a takeover deal the company is now calling a hoax. and a celebration filled with secret information. how sensitive information might have been leaked in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. and good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. already a cool night on tap with temperatures in the mid- to upper 50s from san francisco to napa, and santa rosa also about 59. and get ready. a wet week ahead. we're tracking a series of storms to let you know hen the rain arrives, coming up in a few minutes. ♪
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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if you were on facebook this weekend, you may have noticed your friends posting a message about copyright protection. many have done it, but it turns
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out it's just a hoax. it looks like this, and it encourages people to copy and post it on their wall if they want to be protected from copyright laws. posting a status like this doesn't do anything to protect you legally. now the whole thing has been making the rounds after facebook sent out an e-mail to its users saying it was making changes to the database policy. facebook says they do not own your media, so if you post photos, it says they do belong to you. another hoax involving google and a company it didn't actually buy. a press rewent out this morning claiming they bought icoa wireless. they bought it for $400 million, according to the press release. but both companies insist there is no deal. no one has yet been able the track the source of the release. icoa is known as a penny stock that is worth nowhere near $400 million. on the subject of $400 million, it's a fraction of what was spent by consumers on cyber monday. but this monday is different from other cyber mondays. i want to bring in our business and tech reporter scott budman.
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why is it different? >> reporter: cyber monday used to be a time when you would be at work sneaking away to your favorite online store. but in this day of mobile devices, you can really shop anywhere, any time, and lots of us do. who needs the mall? >> you can find better deals if you shop online, and it takes less time. >> reporter: not kristen young. one of a growing number of people who shun the big crowds to cybershop. >> try to avoid going to the mall. it's pretty hectic. it does save time, shopping online. and you can do it from the comfort of your couch or the coffee shop. >> reporter: according to san jose's paypal, cyber monday traffic where people shop online is set to triple this year, largely because of all the shopping being done on mobile devices. in fact, so many of us use the internet to find what we're looking for, the idea of cyber monday may soon be outdated. >> people don't have to wait any longer, like you said. they don't have to wait for the deals.
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we saw the holiday shopping start september 30th. that's earlier than ever. and we're seeing people embracing the mobile technology throughout the season. the deals are available earlier, consumers are shopping earlier. they know that they have the convenience to stop earlier, so they know they don't have to shop on cyber monday. >> the beauty of it is i'm not a good sleeper, in the middle of the night i can go online and do my errands, do my shopping, which is a big advantage to me. and i'm not out there with the crowds, i'm not using gas. >> reporter: so skip the mall. >> you can look online. >> reporter: for your favorite cafe, where you can shop on your favorite gadget. a surge in online shopping was even kicking in as far back as friday. ibm says more than 10% of all online shopping over the last few days happened on ipads. and what did shoppers search for and buy the most? what else, mobile devices. >> yes, of course. thank you. >> you bet. superstorm sandy carried a hefty price tag for new york city, and mayor bloomberg there
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wants help picking up the pieces. new york's mayor announcing today that the city suffered $19 billion in losses from that storm. bloomberg is planning a trip to capitol hill this week to ask congress for almost $10 billion in aid. that's in addition to the $5.4 billion they expect in reimbursements from fema. it's not sure how much of the city's request will overlap with the 30 billion that new york's governor requested from the feds. in health matters tonight, the company behind the so-called sprinkle diet is paying nearly a million dollars to the state of california. the makers of sensa, a diet supplement which is sprinkled on food have agreed to pay $900,000 to settle a false advertising lawsuit. that was filed by several district attorneys, including santa clara counties. the state's nutritional supplement task force investigated the claims that its weight loss benefits were proven in the largest clinical study ever. expert says the study was just bogus. the settlement money will help
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enforce consumer protection laws. for parents out there, beware of the bounce house. they've become a child birthday staple. but injuries are on the rise. more than 11,000 children were injured in 2010. that's double the amount from 2008. >> you have to enforce the rules. let's turn things over to jeff. >> a little cloud cover, and of course that heavy fog this morning that did produce some major airport delays at sfo. also, right into oakland. right now as the dollar scans around, we are currently dry. we are going to be tracking several different storm systems this week in advance of the storms. right now we do have a flash flood watch. it's already been for the sacramento valley. if you're doing any travel as we head throughout the next four to five days, i do expect some very slick roadways. not only in the sacramento valley, but also right here in
5:18 pm
the bay area. current temperatures are dropping right now into the mid-50s up in the north bay. 63 in gilroy and 58 in san jose. let's take you outside of the live hd sky camera network on this monday. and you can see a lot of traffic here looking from emeryville right across the bay. and the cloud cover is going to be increasing tonight, and more fog coming back, not only in emeryville and berkeley, but san francisco where you can see the low clouds just offshore. gorgeous sunset tonight. what we're going to find over the next 48 hours is a powerful storm system by bay area standards. the heart of the storm is sitting out here in the pacific. most of the strongest energy we have seen at this point for the first storm on wednesday is going to be heading off to the north. but even getting a small slice of the bottom edge of this storm, and we're going to be in for a very strong round of not only rain, but gusty winds that could provide some power outages. here is the other thing. the jet stream over the next three to five days is going to stay situated right across
5:19 pm
central and southern california. that will allow not only our wednesday storm system to roll in, but potentially four other storms as we head throughout this week. they're going to be in very quick succession. we could be dealing with isolated flooding concerns here across the bay area. as we head throughout tuesday, what we're going to find is the storm system is going to be just offshore. then as we head into wednesday, that's when we'll get our first round of rain and wind arriving. temperatures for the most part across the bay area will be in the 60s. so for tomorrow morning, we'll find fog at the coastline. also north bay low clouds back to the east bay. mainly dry throughout tuesday. cloud cover is going to be with us. feel like november outside. then as we head throughout wednesday morning, that's where if you're doing any commuting, we're going to have potentially major problems here with heavy rainfall for the north bay all the way across the entire viewing area. then thursday we mentioned the storms are going to be on quick succession. we're going to find our next stronger storm approaching as we head throughout 9:00 a.m.
5:20 pm
wet weather wednesday and thursday and also beyond. we're trying isolate here at least the first rounds of this wet weather. you can see, we'll see from a half inch to over an inch in the north bay. and for other locations in the east and the south bay, we could see totals approach 1 inch. that is a look at some of the estimated rainfall totals that first storm arriving on wednesday, could also bring anywhere from 1 to 3 inches for some of the higher hills in the north bay. winds up to 50 miles per hour, potentially some power outages. and some of the hazards could also be some rising creeks and streams. you'll need to watch that up into the north bay. temperatures tomorrow in the mid-60s. and as we get a look at your three-day forecast, it gets active again. as we start into wednesday, periods of rain continuing on thursday. and then another and stronger storm system as we head into friday. right now the two strongest days of coming will be wednesday and also friday, with the wind and also the rain. and we'll keep that chance of some showers and sun as we head throughout saturday.
5:21 pm
no doubt the strongest series of storms we've seen all fall coming our way this week. >> it's a big one. thank you, jeff. sure. still ahead here at 5:00, from confidential to confetti? how private information ended up on the parade route.
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it's not comforting if you're a parent, but cal is one of the most dangerous campuses in the united states. the business insider website averaged crime data over the last four years for large schools with their own police departments. ucla number one. as you might imagine, disputing the data. uc berkeley number three, therefore the largest school on the list with more than 35,000 students. san diego state ranks seventh, fresno state 19th, and uc riverside number 24. ucla says its police department also responds to offcampus calls, making that report invalid. the confetti is in question. investigators want to know why shredded confidential police documents were mixed in with the confetti during the famous
5:24 pm
macy's thanksgiving day parade. some of the small strips of paper raining down on that parade contained private information, including social security numbers, license plate numbers and addresses. there are even details about a motorcade for presidential nominee mitt romney. the documents came out of the long island police department. >> we're back in a moment with more. hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive!
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get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. some0 coming up next on nightly, the latest on the fiscal cliff and what it could mean for your family. also, on this cyber monday, we go inside the ups boot camp. fascinating story. it's for drivers to make sure your packages arrive on time. then at 6:00, more local news. meet the bay area city leader giving up his salary to keep some of the best police officers going after the top job in san
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jose. all right. let's turn things over to jeff. it's going to be a deluge over the next couple days. >> we have at least four storm systems heading our way. the first is going to arrive here throughout wednesday. winds could gust as high as 50 miles per hour. then more lingering rain into thursday. and then another stronger storm on friday. so, again, at least two strong storms coming during the workweek. you're going to want to stay tuned here. not only on tv, but >> we've been warned. >> see you back here at 6:00. >> bye-bye.
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cliffhanger, what happens to taxes, medicare, and mortgage deductions as congress tries to hash out a deal with the president, some surprising cards are placed on the table. and the power struggle in egypt,

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